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12/31/2016 6:48 am  #1

Creating PDF files

I saw a post on a message board today wanting TournamentSR to export data in PDF form.  Doing this is easy by running a third party PDF "printer" program to your computer.  We describe two on our web site:

For Windows: PrimoPDF

For Mac:PDF Writer

Once the program is installed on your computer, use TournamentSR's "Print" menu to export any item (brackets, team scores, awards, etc.) to PDF.  Select the PDF printer (instead of your default printer) before clicking the [Print] button


6/22/2017 2:57 pm  #2

Re: Creating PDF files

If you have a Windows 10 computer, you don't need to install PrimoPDF.  Windows 10 includes a PDF printer driver.

In order to generate a PDF file, use any TournamentSR print feature (e.g. "Print"/"Print ladders"/"for programs").  In the resulting window, change the "Printer:" setting to "Microsoft Print to PDF".  This is an option just like any actual printer your computer knows about.  Click the [Print]/[Print all] button.  You will be presented with a window asking for the name of the PDF file to generate.

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