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1/30/2017 6:55 am  #1

Number matches starting at 1 for each mat

We've received several phone calls in the last two weeks about this feature.  I am trying to capture the requirements here and to gauge interest.  The premise is a tournament where each bracket is assigned to a specific mat.  Several brackets would be assigned to the same mat, so wrestlers of differing weights/skills/ages will be watching the same mat.

The desire is to have match numbers start at 1 for each mat.  Wrestlers would look at their brackets and watch the match number on their mat's scoreboard to determine how close their next match is.  BYE and empty matches are not assigned numbers since they don't actually take place.

TournamentSR cannot support this using bout numbers because the program requires bout numbers to be unchanging and unique.  The program must further assign bout numbers to BYE and empty matches.  This allows such matches to later take place when populated via Emergency Bracket Repair.

One of our developers suggested a new mechanism for the desired feature.  The program could support an additional number for each bout.  For this discussion, it is called a "sequence number."  The sequence number would be built from the mat number and the desired number that starts at 1 for each mat (e.g. mat #2, sequence number 7 would result in "2-7").

Unlike bout numbers, sequence numbers can change after printing contest cards.  For example, adding a match using Emergency Bracket Repair would cause all subsequent sequence numbers to increment by 1.  While this will cause the existing printed contest cards to have the wrong sequence number, they would only be off by a one.  We are assuming this doesn't defeat the purpose.

The program would allow the sequence number to be used instead of bout numbers on ladder displays and printouts.  Contest cards would always include bout numbers.  Bout numbers are still needed because they specify the desired match in the results entry area.  An option would be provided to include sequence numbers on contest cards.  Scoreboard operators would display the sequence number (without the mat number) instead of the bout number.

Please add to this topic if I have incorrectly described the desired behavior, you have additional requirements, or need such a feature.


3/20/2017 10:57 pm  #2

Re: Number matches starting at 1 for each mat

I feel this option would be a tremendous help and serve our cause very well. 
We run many brackets for young age groups and it is much easier to keep track of the wrestlers if they are assigned to a mat.  The sequence numbers is something that is easily understood by the parents/wrestlers. Implementation would require minimal training tournament staff and we can start using the option instantly. 


7/08/2017 7:52 am  #3

Re: Number matches starting at 1 for each mat

This feature has been approved for development.  It will be part of version 7.1.0 to be released this fall.

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10/20/2017 8:51 am  #4

Re: Number matches starting at 1 for each mat

TournamentSR v7.1.0 (released today) supports this feature.  Use the "File"/"Ladder/Misc. preferences..." menu and check the box titled "Use location specific sequence numbers".  You will also have to configure at least one session with non-generic locations.  See the Reference Manual's "Location specific sequence numbers" section for details.

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2/17/2018 1:09 am  #5

Re: Number matches starting at 1 for each mat

This upgrade is a huge improvement. We can now use the wireless network to show parents a call to mat option that they easily understand.


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