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1/24/2018 4:46 pm  #1

Round Robin Tie Breaker Criteria

I came across this tie breaker criteria.  Just wondering if any of this was considered for the tie breaker criteria?
Criteria for placement at PPWL round robin tournaments:
1.)  Undefeated wrestler equals Champion
2.)  Best record (ie.  4-1 wrestler is placed higher than the 3-2 wrestler, even if the 3-2 wrestler beat the 4-1 wrestler).
3.)  Head to Head record for two wrestlers with the same record (ie. Having only two wrestlers with a 3-1 record, then the criteria is which wrestler won in their Head to Head match).
4.)  Criteria for the “Triple-headed Monster” (3 wrestlers with the same record).  “Triple-headed Monster” is when wrestler Adam beats Brad, and Brad beats Chad, and Chad beats Adam, and they all have the same record.
A.)  First criteria is most pins.  If Adam has 2 pins and both Brad and Chad have      only 1 pin, then Adam is pulled to the higher placing, and the two remaining wrestlers will be determined by their head to head match up.  If Brad beat Chad, then they will finish with Adam at 1st, Brad at 2nd, and Chad will get 3rd.  However if all three wrestlers are still tied with the same number of pins, we will move to the next criteria.
B.)  Second criteria, if needed, is fewest times pinned.  If Adam and Brad lost by points in their loss, but Chad was pinned in his loss, then he is pulled into the lowest placing.  The remaining two wrestlers are placed by their head to head match up.  If Adam beat Brad in their match, then Adam finishes in 1st, Brad in 2nd, and Chad (who was pinned), will be in third.  However if they were all beaten by either points, or all three were pinned in their loss, we will move to the next criteria.
C.)  Third criteria, if needed, is most points scored.  If Adam scored the most points in all of his matches he will be placed 1st, and if Brad had the second most points he will be placed in 2nd, leaving Chad for 3rd place.  If two of the three wrestlers had the same points awarded in the tournament, then the placing will be determined by their head to head match up.  If all three had the exact same amount of points scored, then we will move to the fourth criteria.
D.)  Fourth criteria is fewest points given up.  Same principle as most points.
E.)  Fifth criteria.  If, in the unlikely event, we still have a tie in criteria, the tournament director will award a tie to all of the wrestlers in the “Triple-headed Monster”.  This criteria will apply if points are lost, or not kept by mistake too, but only after the first two criteria’s are applied.  Please stress keeping all scores, even if there is a pin.
F.)  If we have a five man bracket that all 5 wrestlers end up with a 2-2 record, we will use the above criteria, until we have wrestlers either with higher criteria, or two wrestlers with the same criteria, in which we would refer to the head to head match.  If Adam and Brad both have two pins, Chad and Dan have 1 pin, and Earl has no pins, but they all have a 2-2 record.  Earl finishes in last, and Adam and Brad would place 1st or 2nd depending on head to head, and Chad and Dan would be in the 3rd and 4th spots, determined by their head to head.  However if 3 or more of the wrestlers have tied criteria, we will move just them to the next criteria to determine placing.
Tournament Directors this is the criteria for placement at all PPWL round robin format tournaments.  


1/24/2018 10:00 pm  #2

Re: Round Robin Tie Breaker Criteria

Our tie breaking criteria is explained in the following post:

Note that the post assumes a tie, so the first two items in your post are immaterial.  An undefeated wrestler isn't tied by anyone in a Round-Robin bracket and is therefore the champion.  Similarly, the wrestler with the best record (not tied) is also the champion of the Round-Robin bracket.

While our post is unclear on the issue, head to head is used as a tie breaker in the case where two wrestlers tie (not 3).  As a result, your enhancement request starts with replacing our B with your 4B.  Your requests 4C and 4D are hard to implement because we don't require points scored to be entered in the case of Pin, Injury Default, or Disqualification results.

Other users will have to determine if this change is important enough to require scores to always be input.  Please reply to this post if you feel the change is needed


2/17/2018 12:56 am  #3

Re: Round Robin Tie Breaker Criteria

I feel the current criteria works well for our purposes. 


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