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2/17/2018 1:27 am  #1

Extended Desktop/Score Clock

I may be reaching here but since I saw the update of MatchScorer I was wondering if TournamentSR can create an extended desktop feature that displays a score clock to the coaches/spectators.  Trackwrestling and Floarena both have this feature.  As MatchScorer is used an extended desktop view/feature would show needed information to the crowd/coaches.  

- Currently the way we use Tournament SR is with TableWorker open at each mat and use independent score clock software that only shows the time and the score for each contestant. The laptop and the monitor show cloned displays and we toggle between the TableWorker window and the score clock as needed.

If MatchScore could be used as designed (current control panel) by the person at the table (laptop display) and have an extended desktop view that showed the current score, periods, time remaining, and any other aux info deemed necessary on the monitor facing the wrestling area it would drastically improve the professional look/effectiveness of the tournament. 


2/19/2018 6:54 am  #2

Re: Extended Desktop/Score Clock

The first sentence is confusing - we wouldn't be extending the TournamentSR program's display.  The additional display would be for each MatchScorerSR computer.  As you described, the second monitor would be facing the mat/audience and display what currently appears on dedicated clock/scoreboard systems.

Yes - that is our plan.  You may have noticed that on many computers, the MatchScorerSR window doesn't extend to the right edge of the display.  That is reserved for the upcoming enhancement for controlling the scoreboard/clock display.  You may also have noticed that during the match, no keyboard actions are used to run MatchScorerSR.  The plan is to control the clock using a USB numeric keypad attached to the MatchScorerSR computer.

With that said, MatchScorerSR will no longer be free when that feature is added.  We know that a lot of support will be needed by users trying to get a second monitor working with their Mac or Windows computer.


6/19/2018 9:09 pm  #3

Re: Extended Desktop/Score Clock

MatchScorerSR version 8.0.0 can drive an external monitor for use as a clock/scoreboard facing the mat. See the MatchScorerSR User Guide for details.


12/26/2018 1:16 pm  #4

Re: Extended Desktop/Score Clock

MatchScorerSR is still free and will likely stay that way in the coming years.


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