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3/27/2018 5:39 am  #1

Getting subsequent round bout cards to print earlier than the default

Automatic printing of bout cards is configured in the window that appears via the "Print"/"Configure printing..." menu.  There are two settings at the bottom of the window: "Start when:" x% "of the round matches are done" and ", then" y "minutes thereafter.  The default values are 60% (x) and 10 minutes (y).

This means the cards for round 2 don't start printing until 60% of the round 1 match results are entered. round 3 cards aren't printed until 60% of round 2 match results are entered, and so on.  If you need the next round cards to print sooner, reduce the percentage setting (e.g. to 20%).  If you just want bout cards printed at a regular interval, set the percentage to 1%.  The interval is then specified by the minutes setting (y).

Note that the automatic feature only prints bout cards for the next round.  Use the "Print"/"Print contest cards..." menu to manually print bout cards that a ready and in rounds after the next round.


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