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1/24/2022 8:01 am  #1

Latest Mac always printing double sided

If you have a new Mac and a printer capable of two sided printing, TournamentSR might always print double sided.  We can't reproduce this because we don't have the latest Mac.  We have ordered one that should arrive in late January.

In the meantime, the video at the link below might be useful.  It shows how to disable double sided printing.  You would re-enable double sided printing once your tournament is  over.

Once we have a new Mac, we'll see if this works.  If not, we'll try to determine a different mechanism.


1/26/2022 7:58 am  #2

Re: Latest Mac always printing double sided

Today we confirmed the video's instructions work for the printers we have: Epson WF3540, Epson WF7010, HP CP2025.  The instructions should work for most printers.  While the above video works, we've also documented the process at the following link:

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