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12/25/2013 10:13 am  #1

It's easy to make poster sized award brackets

There are several ways to create large size brackets to give to the champion of each weight class.

If you can borrow a large printer, you can directly print the brackets paper up to D size 22" x 34" using the "Print" "Ladders" "For programs..." menu.

You can directly print wrestler names with their match results on several types of labels via the "Print" "Print result labels..." menu.  These labels can be pasted on pre-printed ladder posters.

If TournamentSR doesn' t support the labels you need, you can export the label contents via the "File" "Export result labels" menu.  The exported file can then be imported by the mail merge feature of most word processing programs.  You then print the labels from within the word processing program.


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