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12/21/2014 8:16 am  #1


I just completed running my annual round-robin high school tournament yesterday and this program was everything I hoped it would be - and more! This past spring, I had used a different program for a youth wrestling tournament I ran and I was unhappy overall with its use, finding it difficult to navigate and so upon purchasing this program, I had a little trepidation but as soon as I began the set-up, I saw how easy and intuitive the program is in every facet. It was SO user-friendly from the outset, from creating the parameters of the tournament to entering the names to setting up the tournament preferences, and then on tournament day easily making adjustments with names and weights for changes/scratches with a quick click here or there. Once we began the tournament, it got even easier. The bouts sheets print out so clearly and when it is time to enter results, it is just a couple of quick clicks. There were times during the tournament that me and my other head table help were sitting around with nothing to do as we awaited bout sheets being returned; we kept looking at each other saying "This is just too easy that something is bound to go wrong" but nothing ever did go wrong. There are also a couple of great features I loved as well: once or twice, I had mistakenly placed a returned bout sheet in the wrong pile and the program alerted me with a pop-up window as the round neared completion which bout numbers I had yet to enter - and then once all were entered a window popped up saying the round was now 100% complete. Another feature I liked was that as the bout sheets printed, it clearly stated at the top the time the next match could begin based on 45 minutes rest. I also really liked the fact that I could either print out bout sheets as the tournament progressed and not have to wait until the end of a round or I could set it to automatically print as they were ready. After the tournament, I was able to print out the results in seconds, make a couple of quick copies, and then distribute them to the coaches as they walked out the door. I literally have not one single criticism of this program at all. As you can see by my testimonial, I AM BEYOND 100% SATISFIED AND WILL USE THIS PROGRAM FOR ALL MY HIGH SCHOOL AND YOUTH TOURNAMENTS!!!!! I will be recommending this program to anyone looking to run their own tournament. Thank you so much for making my day a stress-free, rewarding experience.


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