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1/07/2015 8:11 am  #1


We run a one day single/double elimination tourney that starts wrestle backs from the quarters not the first round. So the 32 man bracket with wrestlebacks to 6th place has way to many outbrackets to work for our tournament.  I love the software and would use it if I could find a way,  is there anyway to adjust that.  Currently we use Wrestling nerd which is extemely basic but allows us to move wrestlers in and to start the wresltebacks from Qtrs.


1/09/2015 7:21 am  #2

Re: wrestle-backs


Please email us with an example of the bracket you need.  We'll also need how team placement points are awarded (e.g. 12 for first place, ...).  Use the email address.  I will submit an enhancement request as soon as we receive the information


4/20/2015 10:07 am  #3

Re: wrestle-backs

We have started developing support for this bracket.  It will be included in version 6.1.0 which should be available this fall.  Other 32-wrestler, 5 match limit ladders will also be supported in v6.1.0.


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