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2/02/2015 7:45 am  #1

4th year with the program

Absolutely wonderful.  Great program, Great support.

We run a youth, madison tournament - @ 320 wrestlers, double elilmination, 4 age divisions, 5 mats.   Wrestling started at 8:15, ended at 2:15.    Ran like clockwork...AGAIN.   Couldn't do it without this program. 


2/08/2016 9:19 am  #2

Re: 4th year with the program

We just finished our 5th annual tournament with the program.   Every year the program gets better and we get better at using it.   The wifi broadcast makes communication easy and accurate for everyone.  The add-on programs of announcer and tableworker make this the best program in the business.  

Our tournament is always Super Bowl Sunday and our commitment is to have everyone home by 4PM,  

This year we had 300 youth wrestlers, 5 divisions, madison system with no pre-definied weight classes, double elimination 8-man or smaller brackets,and we use round robin for 3 man brackets (typically at the light or heavy end of an age group).  

We are a pre-register only tournament.  
We use weights from the official league weigh-in that is done 1-2 weeks prior.
Registration closes Thursday at midnight.
I download the registration file on Friday, clean it up and format it to Tournament SR needs,and load into the program.
Friday evening we seed in the program using my laptop and a projector.
Saturday I handle scratches etc.
Sunday is tournament day.   

Next year we will be at 350 or more wrestlers and it will run like clockwork thanks to Tournament SR.   

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