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7/18/2013 10:22 am  #1

Sell Wi-Fi Access to Brackets

​One way for users to fundraise money for their Wrestling Club / Program while using TournamentSR is to password protect the Wi-Fi feature and sell the password. Wrestling teams have been selling printed copies of tournament brackets for years, selling the Wi-Fi access to brackets and team scores is no different. 

It is actually more valuable to the fans. Instead of copying each winner from the wall brackets at the end of each round, the Wi-Fi is automatically updated every time a result is entered by the Tournament Director. Fans also have access to current Team Scores. 

Currently within the software, there is no way to create unique passwords, so one issue is that if a fan purchases the password, he / she can share it with their friends. We hope that wrestling fans honor your selling of the password and don't share the password much. 

The bottom line of selling Wi-Fi access is, in one tournament, you could easily pay for the cost of purchasing TournamentSR.

*We also recommend that if this is your first year using TournamentSR, you provide Wi-Fi access to the fans for free. Let them experience the Wi-Fi and all its features. Then next year, those fans will be more than willing to pay for the password since they know what they are getting!


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