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1/26/2015 9:05 am  #1

Use "Print", "Reprint..." when your printer jams or runs out of ink

Each time TournamentSR prints ladders, bout cards, and other items it "remembers" what was printed.  If your printer jams or runs out of ink, the computer thinks everything worked but you don't have the needed printouts.

The "Print" menu's "Reprint..." option brings up a list of the remembered print tasks.  The most recent task is at the top of the list, the oldest task is at the bottom.  Highlighting an entry in the list and clicking the "Reprint" button allows you to adjust what is printed (e.g. select all or a subset of the bout cards), change the printer (if desired), and then print the selected items again.  See the Reference Manual for details.


1/23/2017 7:50 am  #2

Re: Use "Print", "Reprint..." when your printer jams or runs out of ink

This feature is important when using a printer connected via USB to a Windows computer.  If you connect the printer to a different USB port on the day of the tournament, Windows sometimes creates a "new" printer device.  If the tournament's configuration ("Print", "Configure printing..." menu) specifies the old printer, nothing will come out of the new printer.

If this occurs to you, fix the configuration first.  Then use the "Print", "Reprint..." menu to bring up each item sent to the "old" printer.  Change the drop down list from the old printer to the new printer and click the "Reprint" button.


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