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8/29/2013 11:13 am  #1

Best bang for your buck!

I can’t say enough about this software.  I’ve used other programs and their fee is a per tournament fee based on participation numbers.  It’s very expensive!  Tournament SR’s download is a low one-time fee and good for the entire season. 
From the seeding meeting to the printing of professional presentation brackets and everything in between, this software is user friendly.   Team rosters are easily imported from email, Word or Excel spreadsheets reducing input errors.  Data entry is fast and easy.  Data entry errors are easily corrected.  Brackets and bout sheets print automatically.  With two printers, the software will automatically print consolation bout sheets on colored paper.  Team scores are automatically calculated and easily adjusted for misconduct points.  The WIFI feature allows spectators, coaches and wrestlers to see bracket updates, team scores and mat assignments in live time from their smart phone, tablet or laptop. 
The addition of Announcer SR program allows for drag and drop of bout assignments, on-screen visual of all mats, who is wrestling live, on-deck and in the hole.  I highly encourage anyone using TournamentSR to also use AnnouncerSR, as well. 
I’ve used this software for the last four wrestling season.  It will make any Pairing Official look like a rock star. 4A Kingco Pairing Official- Washington State


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