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9/09/2017 3:01 pm  #1

Error Code

I recently ran a tournament and once completed I shut down the program/computer using the save option the program gives.  Once I arrived home I wanted to publish the results and when I opened the program/file required I received an error message:

The "5th Annual Comet Classic.xml" was incomplete and NOT loaded

1 - how do avoid getting this message in the future 
2 - Is there a way to retrieve the tournament information



9/11/2017 6:00 am  #2

Re: Error Code

I have responded directly to you via email, but also want to address the question here.

While we thoroughly test the program before each release, we cannot test all possible scenarios.  The message you received indicates there is either missing or inconsistent data that prevents the file from being loaded.

For preventing the situation from happening, make sure you are using the latest version of Java.  Oracle posts updates every few months.  While most issues won't affect TournamentSR, some might.  You may also have performed a sequence of steps that we hadn't anticipated or tested for - causing the inconsistency.

If you ever run into a situation like this, there are several short term and long term solutions.  We ask that you attach the file that won't load ("5th Annual Comet Classic.xml" in your case) to an email and send it to us:  We can usually analyze and return a repaired file within 1 or 2 days.  Having the file helps us detect the issue and prevent it from happening in future releases.

If you need a quicker solution, you can try loading one of the files automatically generated at the end of each round (e.g. "5th Annual Comet Classic.EndRound5.xml", "5th Annual Comet Classic.EndRound4.xml") and then re-enter results that have been entered since.


10/04/2017 10:33 am  #3

Re: Error Code

This particular issue was chased down to the following sequence:

- A wrestler was weighed-in and placed as the only participant in the weight class.
- After the tournament started, the wrestler was withdrawn using the "View"/"Withdrawn contestants..." menu.
- After withdrawing the wrestler, he was removed using the "View"/"Emergency bracket repair..." menu.

For TournamentSR, this causes a paradox: the wrestler is both in the tournament (competed and withdrawn) and not in the tournament (deleted using Emergency bracket repair).  In this case, the wrestler should not have been withdrawn - just removed.

This issue will be fixed in version 7.1.0 of TournamentSR.  It will prevent removal of wrestlers that have already been withdrawn


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