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1/22/2018 7:51 pm  #1

WiFi issues affecting MatchScorerSR ability to submit results

We ran a tournament this past weekend using 4 very different computers running MatchScorerSR and two different WiFi routers. We observed that two of the computers had unreliable WiFi connections; the other two didn’t.

The computers with unreliable connections would take over a minute to fail submitting match results. They often required WiFi to be manually “disconnected” and then to be manually “connected”. This can get tedious over the course of the day. These computers didn’t exhibit problems when tested in our offices.

We are looking into ways to make this work better and hope to have a solution sometime in February. In the meantime, be prepared for this by testing your equipment for at least 30 minutes in the actual location the day before the tournament. Use a test tournament and enter several match results from each MatchScorerSR computer. If you see issues, try a different computer, run an Ethernet cable (instead of WiFi) to the computer with issues, or use printed bout cards at that mat.


2/12/2018 3:40 pm  #2

Re: WiFi issues affecting MatchScorerSR ability to submit results

Today we released a new version of MatchScorerSR: v7.2.2.  This version provides more feedback on match list refresh and results submit operations.  The failure timeout has also been reduced from over a minute to just over 10 seconds.

If you happen to have a "dual band" router and computers that support it, we suggest using the 5 GHz band (instead of the normal 2.4 GHz band) for the MatchScorerSR computers.  For now, there are fewer devices in the 5 GHz band, so connections are more reliable than the 2.4 GHz band.

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