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2/17/2018 1:54 am  #1

Web Server Option

I have been receiving feedback from our population base that the use of the web service on our intranet network is a little confusing.  Most are not accustom to typing in an IP address.  We wanted to see if there is a way for the software to allow us to tie in the IP address provided to a customized address.  

Example - We start service and we get an IP address (something like that)
Would like to have a way to tell the program to tie the given IP address to a customizable address like:  

So if I was running The Rock River Rumble 
I would simply type in so it associates with my given IP address.
Now the people in the stands simply join our WiFi network, then go to their web browser and type in and they now can see the tournament from their phone. 

The network/web service works extremely well and that is the only complaint I have received.  It's such a small thing but to some it's such a sticking point that they just refuse to type in the IP address and they write off the program as substandard. 


2/19/2018 6:45 am  #2

Re: Web Server Option

We would like to provide what you are describing.  Unfortunately, converting names (e.g. "") to IP addresses (e.g. "") is handled by the WiFi router - not our program.  Some routers allow you to assign a limited number of names to IP addresses.  If you have such a router, you can configure it to do most of what you'd want - the ":8080" would still be needed.


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