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2/24/2018 1:06 pm  #1

Running a youth tournament with 5 different age divisions

Can the software be configured for youth wrestling tournaments? There are typically 5 different age divisions each with there own set of weight classes. The divisions are spit with 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon - would I have to have 3 instances running as suggested in a boys/girls post or three different laptops.

I am hoping to be able to generate brackets quicker and be able to adjust for changes on the fly i.e. last minute adds or scratches. This is the most time consuming issue we are trying to solve.

Currently using an older piece of software named TournamantPlus that requires backets to be build manually.

Thanks for your input,



2/25/2018 10:45 am  #2

Re: Running a youth tournament with 5 different age divisions

You can definitely create and run such a tournament with the program.  The process depends a lot on how you get the rosters and if you use pre-defined weight classes or want to group the wrestlers by similar weight ("Madison" system).

You should review the "Quick start guide for Youth and Open tournaments":

That document is oriented towards using an on line registration service and distributing wrestlers using the "Madison" system (the most common scenario).  You should also use the 5 day free trial version of TournamentSR to work through Tutorial 3 - available on our help page:

The tutorial walks you through the process of importing all the information from the registration spreadsheet, handling walk-up registration, weigh-ins, and no shows.  It also walks you through the process of distributing the wrestlers into similar weight brackets.

If you are using pre-defined weight classes, you would manually create the brackets using the window that appears by clicking the [Bracket list] button.  The age group is considered the "division" and the weight is considered the "name".  Each bracket title consists of both the "division" and the "name" separated by a vertical bar character (|).  Examples could be "5-6 | 40" (ages 5 and 6, 40 lbs maximum), "7-8 | 60" (ages 7 and 8, 60 lbs maximum).  If you receive separate rosters from each team, you would enter the team names into the window that appears when you click the [Team list] button.  You could then manually enter wrestler names ([Contestants by team] button) or import the team's roster.  To import names, see section 4.1 of the Reference Manual:

Each bracket can be configured to start in a different round.  You can therefore specify the brackets for the two afternoon divisions to start in the appropriate round (e.g. Round 6) while brackets for the three morning divisions start in Round 1.

Depending on if/how/when you run weigh-ins, one TournamentSR computer should be enough.

Making last minute changes is easy.  Adding and removing wrestlers is handled by the [Contestants by Team] and [Contestant by bracket] windows.  Changing weight/age group is usually done by dragging a wrestler from one [Seeding] window to another.


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