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12/29/2018 7:36 pm  #1

Entering Match Results

The most recent tourney we hosted had issues with the staging personnel and we had to run the tourney on paper and input results on the main computer.  We tried to use Bout Runner but the matches needed to be assigned to mats before the runners could look them up and input results.

Could there be an option to have another tab added across the top of bout runner that gives a window where the runners can type in match number and then input results.  We that way we would have all possibilities covered.  Tabs across would be Connection, Location, Results, and the added tab with the requested option.       


12/31/2018 9:33 am  #2

Re: Entering Match Results

BoutRunnerSR and MatchScorerSR are only given matches that have been assigned to mats.  As a result, neither program could be used to "type in a match number and then input the results."  That abillity is given exclusively to the TournamentSR computer.

There are two work-arounds for this.  I assume you print and send a pile of bout cards to each mat.

You could run AnnouncerSR on the same computer that runs TournamentSR and use that to assign matches to the mat prior to sending the card pile out.  The table worker that fills out the card could then write the mat number on the card before giving it to the runner.

You could use the Location Specific Sequence numbers feature of TournamentSR.  When that feature is used and brackets are assigned to specific mats, there is no need for AnnouncerSR.  TournamentSR automatically assigns the match directly to the mat (which is also shown on the bout card).  An option would be to have only one "mat" which all brackets assign matches to.


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