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12/17/2014 12:00 pm  #1

Use [Start the Tournament] to check all brackets in the tournament

While the seedng window will alert you if the displayed bracket is unbalanced or has a preferences violation (e.g. wrestlers from the same team meeting in round 1), there's another way to check all brackets in the tournament.

Click [Start the Tournament] to check all brackets.  If there are no problems, you'll be asked "Please confirm you want to start the tournament".  Click [No] since all you wanted to do was check everything.

If you are presented with a window that reads "Please review the issue(s) listed below", the list indicates which bracket(s) have unbalanced and/or preference violations.  Click [No] since you are just checking (don't want to start the tournament anyway).

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10/28/2020 9:33 am  #2

Re: Use [Start the Tournament] to check all brackets in the tournament

As of TournamentSR version 8.1.0, you can also use [Start the Tournanment] to move all unplaced wrestlers into their first round matches.  If there are any such wrestlers, clicking [Start the Tournament] will report this and ask if you want them moved.  Click [Yes] to have the program move as many wrestlers as possible into their first round matches. The program then behaves as before: asking you to confirm the start (all checks are OK), or listing the issues (some checks failed).


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