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7/18/2013 10:42 am  #1

Solicit Sponsors for your Tournament

Within TournamentSR, users have the ability to add sponsors for the entire tournament or on a per bracket basis. You can add their business or family name or even add their logo. 

When you add a sponsor of a specific bracket, their name will appear on the Wi-Fi broadcast of that bracket, as well be printed on the brackets that are printed for display. 

When you add a sponsors logo, it will appear on the Wi-Fi bracket pages each time they are loaded. 

TournamentSR gives you the ability to have a main sponsor, whose logo shows on every page, as well as secondary sponsors, whose logo's rotate each time a fan refreshes the page. 

In order to assist you in justifying the sponsorship to a local supporter: for a 16-man bracket tournament, we estimate a minmium of 400 page views. At tournaments where TournamentSR has been used for many years (meaning the fans expect Wi-Fi and more fans bring their Wi-Fi devices for viewing) we have seen over 2,500 page views. 


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